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We’re shaking up the bland and boring seasonings landscape. No more mediocre and stale supermarket stuff.

Handmade seasoning blends, packed full of unique spices and flavours from around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a small team of passionate individuals based in the South West of England. We’re striving night and day to make the very best quality and very best tasting seasoning blends, sea salts and condiments that’ll make a huge difference to the food you serve to you and your family. We believe that great flavour is a journey, not a destination, and if we’re not constantly innovating, testing and tasting to create the very best products, we’re going backwards. And we’re not here to go backwards!

Anyone is welcome to apply, subject to our affiliate terms of use. We do, however, have the final say about who joins our program and will use our discretion to refuse applications where necessary.

The GOAT’s Affiliates can earn commissions (a percentage of sales) on qualifying orders that result from featuring links to GOAT products on their site or social platforms. Our affiliate program is run via Awin, a global affiliate marketing network.

Commission is earned on each qualifying order (excluding VAT, delivery, returns and cancellations). Our cookie period is 30 days; affiliates will receive a commission on sales attributed to their account during this period. View our full terms page for more information.

Let’s make it so simple that even we can understand it!

Affiliate marketing is like a team game where everyone gets rewarded for their part. There are three main players: publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

Publishers are people who have a website or social platform and want to make money by promoting products or services to their readers. They can be called affiliates or partners.

Advertisers (in this case us, The GOAT) are people or companies that have products or services to sell. They want to reach more people and sell more stuff, so they partner with publishers to promote their products or services.

Consumers are the people who buy the products or services that the advertiser is selling. They come to the publisher’s website to learn about the product or service, and if they decide to buy it, the publisher gets a reward for bringing in the customer.

So, affiliate marketing is a win-win-win situation. Advertisers get more sales, publishers get paid for promoting the products, and consumers get to learn about and buy cool stuff!