say goodbye to bland 🔥 no salt, no sugar? no flavour! 🔥 make this meal the best ever 🔥 make magic out of meat 🔥

Heyyyy there, friend, welcome!

Please come in and take a seat, let’s have a little natter.

Before we go too far, let’s address the elephant in the room (or should we say the goat in the room). Why are we called GOAT Blends? Do we supply seasonings for goat meat?

No, that’s not it. Although our blends are epic on goat as well.

We’re called GOAT because it’s the acronym for the Greatest Of All Time. We’re dedicated to making the very best seasoning blends and condiments to make your next meal the Greatest Of All Time.

Isn’t it a bit cocky to say that?

Well, we don’t think so. We’re striving night and day to make the very best quality and very best tasting seasoning blends that’ll make a huge difference to the food you serve to you and your family. Great flavour is a journey, not a destination. We strongly believe that if we’re not constantly innovating, testing and tasting to create the very best products, we’re going backwards. And we’re not here to go backwards!

We’re on a serious mission to make your next meal the best one you’ve ever had.

If you’ve made it this far, let’s delve a little bit more into some of our values, and what they mean.


You know what really gets our goat? It’s when people shove a load of stuff in a jar, give it a wacky name and call it “artisan”. Because really, we all know that’s not artisan or quality. We’re striving for quality ingredients, quality flavours and quality personal service. Every single jar is made in small batches in the UK for ultimate freshness. Now that’s quality.


We’re deadly serious about flavour, first and foremost. We’re not here to peddle you some stupid fads, iffy health claims or corporate greenwashed BS. Sure, we’re always looking to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable, but come on, that’s a requirement these days, and not a unique selling point. Let’s face it: do you really want to serve up a meal that’s just lacking flavour?


Now this is where we like to get a little bit nerdy, because seriously, does anyone really believe that old chestnut of “let the flavour of the meat speak for itself”? Or is that really just a really good way of demonstrating a lack of imagination? We like to research the heck out of different ingredients and flavour pairings, at a real molecular level, to bring you the best-tasting seasoning blends. Now we’ve done the research, get on and shake that stuff on!


You could call it passion, but we’ll call it curiosity. (Passion has got to be the most over-used word in corporate jargon) We’re deeply, weirdly, madly in love with researching, testing and tasting every single flavour and idea we come across. Because sometimes, no matter what the research says, you’ve just got to try it and then the magic happens, and you get that “oooh” moment.


A quick word about salt, sugar and other ingredients. We’ve made no bones about the fact that we’re aiming for the greatest seasonings ever made, and that means that you need to cover all five taste elements that contribute to great flavour: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. And that means that we will often include salt, sugar and other additives when required. No salt + no sugar = no flavour.


And that, my friend, is why we’re called The GOAT. But it’s not all about us. It’s about making your next meal the Greatest Of All Time.

Let’s do it.

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say goodbye to bland 🔥 no salt, no sugar? no flavour! 🔥 make this meal the best ever 🔥 make magic out of meat 🔥