Coffee Shot Seasoning Blend 75g


Made with real ground coffee beans, this caffeinated seasoning will wake up even the sleepiest pieces of meat. A serious pick-me-up which everyone should keep in their cupboard for when all else fails. Shake this shiz all over steaks or other red meat and you’ll have a serious shot of rich, earthy and mega-sophisticated meat magic. Inspired by the ridiculously strong coffee that you’d find in an espresso bar in the Italian-est parts of Italy.

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Why You’ll Dig This

– The real coffee adds a rich, earthy, deep flavour that you don’t get anywhere else

– The brown sugar caramelises like poetry and compliments the coffee

– The Coriander and Cumin give a zesty jolt to liven up the whole meat party

Where To Use This

– Shake it on your steak before grilling or frying it, finish it off with a honey and butter glaze

– Cover a brisket with more than technically necessary before cooking it for hours and hours and hours

– Stick it all over your Sunday roast before glazing it with Worcestershire sauce and butter

Every single pack is sealed for utter freshness and comes in a handy shaker. Oh, and if you’re not totally satisfied with it, get in touch and we’ll refund it in full. No questions asked, buddy!


Salt, coffee, sugar, black pepper, smoked paprika, coriander, cumin and garlic.

Packed in facilities that store and handle allergens.

13 reviews for Coffee Shot Seasoning Blend 75g

  1. Michelle Spencer (verified owner)

    This is simply amazing! I’ve been wanting to try pairing coffee with venison for a while, so when I discovered this blend, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. It was sensational! I can’t wait to try it on steaks too, as I just know it’s going to be spot on. I adore coffee so knew I’d love it…my husband wasn’t so sure about it, but after one mouthful of the venison dish he was as happy as Larry. If you’re unsure about trying coffee blend in your cooking, please, just take the plunge…you will not regret it. ?

  2. Katie Allen (verified owner)

    We’re a family of foodies. When a friend brought some of this as a gift, we had no idea how much we would like it. Now our son was worried we would run out, so I bought some back-up stock! We can’t bear to be without it on our steaks!

  3. David Morgan (verified owner)

    I used this rub on a brisket that I smoked. I was shocked at the flavour. So rich. My daughter hates coffee and she truly loves the taste. I would have to say out of all the rubs I have used in my years of cooking meat this is by far a family favourite.

  4. Zuzanna Lis (verified owner)

    This seasoning can turn anyone into a grill master! Your friends will be asking how you get such tasty steaks! Also have done this on a lamb leg and was wonderful.

  5. Christian Mahomed (verified owner)

    My goodness. We used this on sirloin steaks and it was so good. Better than good. So rich and tasty!

  6. Brandon Phillips (verified owner)

    Just used this on some boneless chicken thighs, rubbed it in, tossed them in the oven, and 20 minutes later they were very tasty and juicy and delicious. Going to try it on steak next. I am sure it will be amazing!

  7. Olivia Phillips (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by this stuff. I wasn’t too sure about the curry thing but it’s really delicious. Give it a “shot”

  8. Josh Davis (verified owner)

    Man, this is REALLYYYYY good! I cooked some steaks yesterday and added a moderate amount of this seasoning to the meat and rubbed it in there and it was DELICIOUS! I dont see this lasting me a week to be honest! 🙁

  9. Brenda Collins (verified owner)

    My dad is not a great cook, but he loves to grill. This is by far his favourite spice blend to use on steaks. It has a really solid all-round taste with a very nice subtle coffee taste. He’d probably put it on anything from eggs to rice if he didn’t like saving it as a special steak seasoning.

  10. Steve White (verified owner)

    The amazing reviews people leave for this blend do not do it justice. This is one of the best seasonings I have ever tasted! So rich and tasty. Ruined eating out for me now because nothing else tastes as good as this.

  11. Emma Price (verified owner)

    Was a bit worried about “coffee” rub, but this stuff is great. Adds a nice deep flavour with a hint of coffee. Great for beef or chicken.

  12. Ronnie Lee (verified owner)

    We use this rub all of the time when we do a reverse sear on our ribeye. Very nice.

  13. Lyla Miller (verified owner)

    I had my doubts about trying this item because I don’t really like coffee. It is really nice though and does seem to enhance the taste of the meat.

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